Well the new student residents are moved in, over a very long, but thankfully very sunny weekend! The sheer force of humanity entering the site over the weekend was overwhelming, the different personalities of bouncy, excited people was quite a heady mix. I have a team of sub-wardens working for me and they worked tirelessly to welcome all the new students and get them set up, I was very impressed. It’s good fun though, handling 6-10 questions at the same time, running around, making on the spot decisions. It’s nothing I don’t do in the lab on a day to day basis, but it’s far more fun when it’s to help people.

The whole weekend of events went perfectly, with the final Welcome Meeting (big dinner, a bit of a welcome address by me, then a chill out tent) last night coming off with excellent attendance, giving me a very positive view of the people we have in this year; most of them seem like a good bunch.

The task now is to get them organised to form a JCR and start organising things for themselves, so my task this week is to organise the JCR forming “Jarbeque” – that’s a “jar party” come BBQ – for this Saturday.

Then I might take a rest and get back to my philosophical digressions.


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