I used to subscribe to the excellent periodical NewStatesman, but seeing as I can read it for free at uni, I stopped my subscription. Since then I have received a regular stream of mail shots bearing offerings of cheap re-subscription deals. I usually file them in the bin without reading, but the most recent one caught my attention for their slack grammar [sic]:

With the global banking system in its worst state for decades, with its effects now hitting the real world…the newly elected US President Obama having to cope with massive voter expectations…ongoing conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan plus horrific scenes in Africa…not to mention food and energy price hikes, global warming and the increasing energy demands of China and the other emerging powers…

Call me fastidious, but what’s with all the ellipses? I know they’re trying to give it an off-the-tongue/live news feed feel, but it’s not necessary; it’s not like they’re quoting from actual articles, thus it’s just a slack way of constructing an information rich paragraph without bothering to punctuate.


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