The Big Chill

I recently returned from The Big Chill 2008, down in Eastnor, Herefordshire. Arguably one of the better music festivals, being far more easy-going, and with fewer numbers and more families. I thoroughly enjoyed most of it, particularly the performances of Beth Orton and Leonard Cohen; the Orb, however, were a little disappointing.

The Body & Soul area of the Enchanted Garden site was to my mind a microcosm of The Big Chill, and embodied the spirit of the festival well. Speak of which, the festival could just have easily been a food festival, such was the variety, and quality, of food on offer; I never ate at the same stall twice. On a moe reflective note, I didn’t enjoy the streak of ruthless capitalism at the festival site, fuelled by the monopoly that was in place; nor will I miss the endless queues for food, toilets, events. The Comfy Crappers though, expensive as they were, provided welcome relief from the dreaded portaloos!


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